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Paper cutting machine Technology

Date: 2014-01-16 15:01:23 Hist: 3889


  It mainly manifested in the cutting precision, precision cutting machine to maintain, quality stability, convenient operation and safety.

  Domestic cutting machine level technology has certain disparity with the international advanced countries, mainly for:

  The control system is relatively backward, the lack of automatic detection device, the control system is concerned, China has just started using PLC, while the foreign has been adopted across the board computer control, control by computer, using the computer to monitor and adjust the implementation of components, at the same time can be preset parameters, automatic adjusting sleeve under computer control, greatly shorten the auxiliary time and ensure the reliable work.

  The complete difference, with peripheral equipment, few domestic cutting machine: cutting production line.

  The appearance and the convenience of a certain gap. However, the domestic paper cutting machine production enterprises, the efforts of the past few years, the domestic paper cutter gap with foreign products in the rapidly shrinking, some even in the leading level, foreign as the basic color computer control, while the domestic mainly in digital, lack of mechanical cutting machine safety protection exist in large quantities and sales, microcomputer controlled paper cutter is the development trend of paper cutting machine, and is rapidly with a large area to replace the other control method of cutting.

  According to the "cutting" button, cutting down more than two times that even the knife operation. The main reason for causing the knife cutting machine cutter limit switch failure or not touch hit the upper limit switch, and a relay contact adhesion or slow.

  Can not be ignored is the cutter's price, the price is an important factor in choosing the domestic paper cutting machine. Compared with the imported cutter abroad, has obvious advantages, the price of excellent performance, price concessions are the main reason to promote customer choice of domestic paper cutter, but also in the domestic customer service service in place. Because the price is high, practical and affordable, at present domestic cutting machine market share was the highest.