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color printing technology

Date: 2014-01-16 15:02:38 Hist: 2121


Using subtractive primary colors (yellow, magenta, cyan and black printing). If other color ink printing process using yellow, magenta, cyan, black four-color ink to copy the original color, should not be called "four-color printing" and should be called "spot color printing" or "spot color printing".

The use of red, yellow, blue and black pigment (ink or dye) by lithographic printing full color copy of subtractive color mixing principle.

Also refers to the use of black, blue, brown, green four inks, realize the lithographic process map reproduction, it is China printing method of large scale topographic map used, and a uniform color. The elements of color is defined as: object, cartouche and note with black; waterside line, Dan Xianhe and note with blue, water filling part 100 line / inch 15% blue dot; contour and the special landform symbols and notes, highway internal filling with brown coloration; forest with 100 line / inch green line or dot.